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Build your own doghouse (simple design)

December 3rd, 2007 Chris

I absolute love my Dog Den dog houses, but if you would like to build one of your own rather than buy one, I ran across some plans on the Resha Sled Dog website. They look fairly simple and straight forward; made with one sheet of plywood. The only thing I would suggest adding is metal corner bead (for finishing drywall corners) around the door to keep dogs from chewing on the edges.

To go right to their website, click on their name above. I have also copied the information below.



Measurements are for ½” plywood.  Exterior grade is recommended.  Nailing strips should be used for reinforcing the contact points.  When using ¾” material nailing strips are not necessary, however, note that the floor should then measure 33 ½” in length.  When nailing together – the sides overlap the bottom, front and back panels.  The front and back panels also overlap the bottom.  By nailing blocks to the  inside of the roof it can simply sit on top of the house without sliding and be conveniently lifted off when cleaning out the house.  The box should be painted and placed on blocks of 2 by 4′s to keep it off the ground.

Make sure the dog’s line is long enough to allow jumping up onto the roof.

Simple dog house design

from http://www.reshaequip.com/ 

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